We know that it seems like every year, video is still somehow the next big thing. But there’s actually a good reason for it: It outperforms every other type of post in terms of both impressions and engagement. And right now, as social distancing is forcing agents to rethink their strategies so they can keep connecting with prospects, video is an even more important proxy for meeting in real life. 

Here are some video marketing statistics that will convince you to use video if you haven’t already adopted it

In 2019, video content comprised a whopping 80 percent of all consumer internet traffic

Those are remarkable numbers, and prove that the world has a huge appetite for video. And it’s no wonder why: It’s the most immersive medium. Only in video can you listen to sound and follow along as if you were there. These concepts make video marketing a more relatable format than text or images, and it’s also more eye-catching. 

Video outperforms EVERY other type of post on Instagram, according to Mention

In fact, social media videos got 1,200 percent more shares than image and text posts COMBINED. Social media networks are going to adjust their algorithms according to what content engages best, which means they’ll continue pumping up accounts that post engaging videos. You definitely want to be one of them. 

Video consumption has been increasing by at least 100 percent every year.

You don’t have to look at 2019 in a bubble so see that video is very much so on the up. This trend has been steady for years, which means it’s not too late to jump on the bandwagon and reap the rewards of video marketing. When you use video, your revenue is likely to grow 49% faster than if you don’t. 

The average social video retains 37 percent of viewers for the entirety of the video.

While 37 percent may not seem like that large a number, it actually is. Videos range in length, and most sites allow for 10 minutes or more. While of course not every video posted on social media is half-an-hour long, the fact that 37 percent of ALL viewers stuck around for the entirety of videos is a testament to the country’s — and the world’s — hunger for video content. Even when viewers aren’t watching the full video on their timeline, they’re usually still getting the gist of the content. Most people won’t even stay on a news article for longer than 15 seconds. 

And the number one way consumers learned about a business they later purchased from was…… you guessed it: video ads.

While selling a home is more than just a quick buy-sale transaction, the very same concept applies to real estate agents and their online presence. A lot of being a real estate agent is people management, and videos are the best medium through which to showcase your verbal and personal prowess. 

Through video ads you can…

  • Introduce yourself and explain what kind of agent you are
  • Showcase listings you have on offer
  • Give tours of open houses you’re hosting
  • Get creative

And right now, when you aren’t going to be able to meet as many clients in person, video is an absolutely vital way to get your personality or listing across in the best light possible. 

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