Zillow, a popular tool for both real estate agents and consumers, has managed to vex its user base yet again, according to Realty Times. But this time, it isn’t about Zillow Zestimates’ inaccuracy. It’s about an unsavory advertising tactic:

“Agents are checking their personal listings on Zillow’s site and finding their names grouped with several other agents’ names—none of whom have a connection to the home.”

This practice doesn’t just pit agents against each other, the article says — in some cases, it groups in agents who not only don’t know they’re being included, but they don’t have anything to do with the listings. We wrote about this last week, when the Miami-Herald published a feature about it. 

“When buyers click on a listing, they have no idea they are not going to get the listing agent,” Kat Palmiotti, of Grand Lux Realty, told the Miami Herald. “Sometimes they get contacted by 10 different agents. It can be frustrating to a buyer.”

The new Realty Times article offered a couple of things sellers can do to protect themselves, which agents can pass along to their clients. 

One example is using Homesnap as your all-in-one solution, which syncs directly with MLS data, meaning every piece of detail on the site is up to date. They also don’t allow advertising on listings. 

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