Facebook is incredibly useful in today’s real estate market. Indeed, 78 percent of marketers who have used social media for 2 years or more report increased traffic to their websites, with Facebook pages being the most popular social media for marketing.

So what exactly is a Facebook page?

A Facebook page is a free-to-run public profile — often representing a company or public figure — that allows more than 2 billion of the site’s users to view what you have to offer. Facebook calls pages your “digital storefront[s],” and you have the option of posting all sorts of content (text, images, videos, polls, etc.) on your page and presenting it how you’d like it to be perceived. As an agent, you’re able to show off houses you’re selling, boast about recent sales, share local blogs or real estate tips, live broadcast video, run ads and more.

So my content gets seen by 2 billion people?

No. Well, probably not. A post from a Facebook page can get to others’ newsfeeds in the following four ways:

1. If someone likes your page.

Page likes are your followers. If someone likes your page, your posts can show up in their news feeds. The more likes your page has, it stands to reason, the more potential visibility it has.

     2. If someone comments on or likes your post.

According to Facebook’s current algorithm, if someone — say, Alex Smith — has a Facebook friend who commented on or liked your page’s post, that interaction could very well show up in Alex’s newsfeed, too.

     3. If someone shares a post.

If a person shares your page’s post, it could show up in their friends’ newsfeeds. Getting shares on content is a common step in fostering organic growth (that’s growth you haven’t paid for via ads), and that’s part of the reason agents offer giveaways in which viewers must share a post to win a prize.

     4. If you pay to boost your post.

As a Facebook page owner, you have the option to put money behind your posts, so that people who do not like your page see them. This is a vital and almost always necessary step in growing your page, creating brand awareness and getting leads. You can target prospective clients by numerous indicators, including location, interests and more.

The benefit of a Facebook page:

Facebook is the perfect venue for brand awareness. Since Facebook users are on the site all the time — it’s got 1.56 billion daily active users — you’re essentially meeting prospective clients in the comfort of their own homes by posting and advertising there. The site rakes in 22 billion ad clicks per year, too, so the potential for brand awareness is vast. Additionally, the money you put into Facebook is money well-spent. According to a study done by Moz, it takes only 25 cents to reach 1,000 people on Facebook, compared to LinkedIn’s 75 cents and $32 in a newspaper. Facebook is a long game. It’s the perfect place to cement your presence and get your face and brand known.

Source: https://moz.com/blog/1-dollar-per-day-on-facebook-ads

Facebook, however, is Facebook. It’s a social media site meant for social networking. People looking to buy a house ASAP likely aren’t heading straight to social media, so the interest tends to come from more passive observers. The leads you get on Facebook, therefore, will likely be lower-intent than other forms of advertising and could require more lead nurturing. With Facebook, you have exposure and brand awareness; to pair that with higher-intent hyperlocal leads, you should create a Google business profile. Click here to learn about Google’s new free feature.

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