Undervalued Real Estate Marketing
Discussing Little Known Real Estate Marketing Strategies

When it comes to real estate marketing, there’s plenty of options.  You could go the so-called traditional route—flyers, brochures, calendars, magnets, and roadside for-sale signs.  You could lean into the digital side, investing in platforms like Google or Facebook to promote your business to an online audience.  Or you could (and, let’s be honest, probably should) do both.

But what happens when everyone is doing the same thing?  How do you separate yourself from your competition? 

Two Undervalued Ways to Market Your Listings


You’ve no doubt heard about Instagram. But maybe you’ve dismissed the platform as being not as valuable or popular a social media site than, say, Facebook or Twitter.  Or maybe you’ve assumed that because Instagram’s user base is primarily millennials and Gen-Z, you’d be advertising to an audience that isn’t interested in making a home-buying decision.

But here’s why Instagram is actually a very effective platform:

Engaged Younger Audience

Instagram boasts 120 million monthly active users in just the United States, the majority of whom log onto the app multiple times a day.  Its engagement is 120x that of Twitter.  It’s the primary choice of social media platforms among the younger demographic. And more than a third of Instagram’s users have made a purchase directly from one of its advertisements.

Speaking of advertisements….

For Real Estate Agents, Nothing Beats Instagram’s Ad Format

You’re a real estate agent, so you understand the importance of pictures when it comes to selling a property.  Well, no other social media platform is as effective in displaying visual content as well as Instagram.  In fact, the best-performing advertisements on Instagram fall within the travel, fashion and brand-name shopping subcategories, and what do they all have in common? They’re aspirational products.  Real estate is, too.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that younger demographics respond better, on average, to visual content.  Speaking of which…

Younger Demographics are Ramping Up Buying

The common (mis)conception is that Millennials are not buying property because they’re hamstrung by student loans and underemployment.  And for a while, that was certainly true; millennials were purchasing property at a rate far lower than previous generations. But recently things have started to turn around, and millennials now account for 36% of all homebuyers.

There’s no better platform to connect with them than Instagram. 


Waze is a navigation app that relies on crowdsourced information to provide directions and real-time road conditions to drivers.  It boasts about 25.6 million monthly active users in the United, which, while not nearly as many as Instagram, is still a sizable audience.  Nevertheless, Waze is overlooked.

Waze offers advertisements that allow advertisers to (safely!) target drivers traveling within a preset radius of a location.  As to why that is good for real estate agents? It’s the perfect tool to promote an open house. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Set up a Waze Advertiser account or use a third-party marketing agency to help.
  2. Choose from one of three ad types:  Zero-Speed Takeover, Promoted Search or Branded Pin.
  3. Target users within a certain area of your open house, on your scheduled showing day or days.
  4. A Waze user sees your ad, clicks on it, and is offered an opportunity to receive step-by-step instructions to your open house.

Consider Waze the digital equivalent of roadside for-sale signs.  They may or may not correlate directly to leads, but they’re an effective way to make your presence in the community known.

One Final Note

We’re in no way advocating that you should forgo traditional or more conventional digital marketing techniques in favor of these undervalued platforms. They’re all incredibly important in their own right.  Instead, we urge you consider our recommendations as something of an addendum to what you’re currently doing; a way of giving yourself an extra bit of an edge.

Good luck out there!  

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