Does this sound like you? 

  • You’ve got a state-of-the-art website, showcasing your listings and real estate prowess.
  • You have an active Facebook business page, where you post regularly
  • You have a Google My Business Profile, with tons of positive reviews, a nice headshot and regular posts.
  • You’ve never considered advertising on Instagram. 

You deem Instagram too niche, perhaps. You think its demographic is too young to be homebuyers, maybe. No matter the reason you haven’t begun advertising on Instagram, there are no longer any excuses in 2019 — you’re missing a massive market.

Here are five reasons every real estate agent should be advertising on Instagram:

1. Instagram has a massive user base — including first-time homebuyers. 

Though newer than other social media staples — such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest — Instagram has enjoyed meteoric success since its 2010 inception. The site now boasts 1 billion monthly active users (MAUs), behind only Facebook and YouTube. 

You may be right that the app skews younger — with 71 percent (!!) of Americans aged 18-24 checking the app multiple times a day — but it’s growing in every demographic. As of 2018, more than one in every three Americans used Instagram on their cellphones. 

These are serious numbers, but it’s not just that — Instagram’s users are notably active. Half of them look through their feeds every single day, and 500 million, too, use stories every day. 

2. Instagram is business-friendly. 

You may be thinking, “Would anyone actually want to follow a business on Instagram?” The answer is a resounding yes, as 80 percent of Instagram accounts follow a business. 

On top of that, 200 million users visit a business’ page daily. The market for businesses seems symbiotic, with a target audience hungry for personalized ads. The app has 2 million advertisers every month. Instagram lets you choose between a personal profile and a business profile, the latter allowing you to be contacted via email and see special analytics about your profile.

3. Instagram’s whole essence is exchanging visual content. 

And since selling a house is an inherently visual process, there’s no better platform on which to show off active listings:

  • Instagram story ads are the perfect venue for quickly showing off what you’re about
    • Post multiples rooms of a house on Instagram’s carousel story feature — you can use three cards to advertise in one story
    • Give your followers a video tour of a house you’re selling (and link users to your profile or contact info)
  • Spruce up your ads with some personality — Instagram has a less formal feel than many other sites
  • Show off a bit of your personal life. It can help show your followers that you’re not a robot
  • Check out this blog for Instagram tips

4. Advertising on Instagram is worth your money.

Ads are less disruptive than on other sites, making them less likely to annoy potential consumers. As there’s less obstruction, Instagram’s engagement rate is HIGH — according to Forrester, “Brand ads posted on Instagram delivered 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook, and 120 times more engagement per follower than Twitter.” 

Because the site is both diverse and niche, its targeting allows you to get to the precise users for whom you’re looking. Hiring a company to do your Instagram advertising for you can be a huge timesaver. 

5. Hashtags can help you glean organic traffic. 

Even a comment containing a hashtag will make it show up in the hashtag page.

Since Instagram is chockablock with users and perusers, using a hashtag will draw attention to your page if you choose the right one. These are built for discovering new content, and there are plenty of ways real estate agents can use them. When you use a hashtag, your post will show up on its page. 

Here are some real estate-related ideas: 

  • #JustSold (more than 400 thousand posts)
  • #JustListed (almost 1.6 million posts)
  • #HouseHunting (2 million posts)
  • #[your neighborhood here] and any other local hashtags you can think of
  • #[a restaurant/coffee shop you’re at that’s near a home you’re selling]
  • #[brokerage]
  • #realtor (11 million posts)
  • #realtorsofinstagram (250,000 posts)
  • #OpenHouse (1.5 million posts)
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