Perhaps the most important part of your digital presence as a real estate agent is putting your contact info out there. Ninety percent of homebuyers search online during their home buying process and they’ll skip right past you if they can’t find your information instantly.

Here are five ways to avoid that and make yourself easy to find and contact throughout your digital footprint. 

1. Get a Google My Business profile.

Want to show up on Google? There’s no better way. Once you have a profile, you’re instantly way easier to contact, as your information is at the forefront of any related Google search. 

Notice in the image above how the restaurant promotes not only links to reserve tables — a big reason customers call or email restaurants — but its phone number and website are in plain sight, too. The restaurant is approachable and makes the process of getting in touch easy.

Of course, these concepts apply just the same to real estate agents. 

Here, Denis Murphy, along with his perfect reviews, offers links to his website, phone number and appointments. If you were a homebuyer, you’d know where to go to get in touch if you wanted to.

2. Create Facebook lead form ads.

These are paid advertisements that allow users to enter their information — full name, location (zip code), phone number, email, etc. — so that you can contact them easily. We recommend doing so as promptly as possible — strike when the iron is hot.

Facebook will automatically populate the form if it knows the info, making the barriers to entry even lower for prospects to reach out. It’s a useful way to easily grab your consumers’ information without either of you having to put much effort in. Everything you need to contact your clients is just a click away.

3. Include your phone number in your Google ads.

This is a great way to project your approachability and get leads in the process. Google charges you only when you get results, like clicks or calls, keeping your margins high. If the number you include is a mobile one, make that clear. Tell your prospects to feel free to text you. 

There are services that text your leads for you by texting them back almost immediately. Don’t sneeze at it. The earlier you build that personal rapport, the likelier your clients will trust you enough to use you as their agent. In fact, according to Lead Response Management, “the odds of contacting a lead if called in 5 minutes versus 30 minutes drop 100 times.” 

As you can see, Google includes your phone number in its own section. You can also include your email address in the description. 

4. Pretty simple: if you send an email newsletter or the like, include your contact info in every message.

Make it prominent, make it easy to read and encourage users to reach out to you. If you use a service like Mailchimp or other CRM, you can build this into your footer or email templates so you never forget to add it. Sure, they can reply directly to the newsletter — but you want to give them the opportunity to call and text too, because you’ll have an even better opportunity to convert them. 

5. Create a clear “Contact Me” page on your website.

If you don’t have one yet, go do it now. As a real estate agent, you need to have an easy-to-find page in your site’s menu that lets users reach out to you quickly. Many websites already have a “Contact Me/Us” page, so viewers generally know where to find them. If for only that reason, you need to follow suit. You’ll certainly lose business if users are scrambling to find out how to contact you. 

This real estate agent also included his social media pages on the top bar of his website, which is good practice. At the end of every blog post you write, too, you should include the very same social media diagrams and links.

6. Include your contact information (phone number, email address) in your social media bios, especially those you’re active on.

Make sure customers feel confident they can contact you easily, and even reply to comments on your page with your contact info if you think it’s relevant. Maybe a prospect comments on a listing you’ve shared on Instagram — it’s a great opportunity to reply and let them know they can call/text to have a more personal conversation about the listing. A customer can come from anywhere. 

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