What’s a trade secret that Google doesn’t market a ton, but is a HUGE help for boosting your reach there? The Google My Business Marketing Kit

The site doesn’t advertise the kit too much, so only the savviest Google My Business users know about it. It can be a real boon to your business, so here’s everything you need to know about this immensely helpful toolkit.

What is the Google My Business Marketing Kit?

This under-the-radar feature sends you free marketing tools if you have an active Google My Business profile. Google tends to delay promoting their newest features while they’re still tweaking them, so this is your chance to get access to the goods before everyone else. These tools help you maintain and promote that you’re a prominent real estate agent associated with the world’s biggest search engine: Google!

Simply input your business name, and Google will send you a handful of things for free. Here’s what they are: 

Window stickers

Reviews are insanely important to your Google business profile and what kind of reputation you have with potential clients. Google thinks so, too. Why else would they be giving out stickers that tell clients to review you? 

You can put them anywhere, from your agency’s storefront to your laptop to the bumper of your car. It’s a great way to prompt clients to look for your Google business profile online, and encourages people to leave you all-important Google reviews. Google’s a recognizable brand, which can be helpful in attracting attention, too.


Sometimes the best ads are literally written for you. Many don’t think about positive reviews they receive as advertising fodder, but what better way to convey your successes than testimonials? Buying or selling a home is a huge and infrequent step for people, so they are going to do their research and look for a savvy and well-liked agent. 

Google sends you printed posters of your reviews that you can hang up on your wall, and you can choose a theme to match your color pallette, too. Though you’re probably doing much of your business outside the office, you might bring potential clients by to sign paperwork or have an initial meeting. If they see the posters, it only helps your reputation. 

Social media posts

No matter what you do, you need to be posting online — Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business. The fact that Google offers posting functionality emphasizes how important it is to be active on these sites, particularly Google itself. If you’re in need of a few ideas, you can pick from a number of Google’s varying post types — ranging from reviews, event promotion and more. You can even select any five-star review you’ve received right from the site. And here, too, you can choose from many of Google’s themes to make your posts as winsome and striking as possible. 

Additionally, you can download a Google-produced video showcasing your positive reviews. This updates by month, so you can get a new one once the calendar strikes 1. The more association with the world’s top search engine, the better.

Table tent

Perfect for open houses, the table tent Google ships you for free is a huge boon for your business. Soliciting and receiving positive reviews is imperative to the success and SEO capabilities of your Google business profile. 

This showy way to ask for them is sure to grab the attention of your prospects and remind people that it’s important to you. And again, the sponsorship of Google’s colors and logo offer some serious legitimacy to your brand!


There’s no reason to hesitate. Google is a household name and they’re giving away a free kit full of ways to let prospects know that YOU are associated with a big brand, so you are credible, too. Once you’ve claimed your business, you should always be looking for ways to create meaningful content as easily as possible, be it through Google or any sort of outsourcing. Add some more legitimacy to your cause.

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