As the effects of COVID-19 stretch into April and social distancing remains an everyday reality, real estate agents are having to contend with the new normal.  Many, understandably, have questions. 

To that end, we at Real Estate Marketing Beat have compiled a list of the best resources (some agent-focused, others more general) from around the web.  We hope they offer you tangible and worthwhile advice, guidance and expertise in managing the uncertainties of the moment.

What to do with your digital marketing

Entrepreneur: “The Coronavirus Pandemic Versus The Digital Economy: The Pitfalls and The Opportunities”

Marketing Dive: “How Coronavirus could impact marketing, from e-commerce to the Olympics”

Forbes: “When A Recession Comes, Don’t Stop Advertising”

Harvard Business Review:  “Brand Marketing Through the Coronavirus Crisis”

Inman: “How to stay ahead of coronavirus market fluctuations”

Neil Patel: “ What The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Means For Marketers”

What technology to invest in

Inman: “How to keep your business running when you can’t meet face to face”

Washington Post: “How to buy a house during the coronavirus pandemic”

NAR: Coronavirus:  A Guide for Realtors”

Orange County Register: “Will the coronavirus change the real estate landscape forever”

Orlando Business Journal: “Why the housing market will never be the same after coronavirus”

How to keep in touch with clients

Forbes: “How To Communicate With Customers During Tumultuous Times”

Mckinsey: “Adapting customer experience in the time of coronavirus”

Writing Real Estate: “How to Talk to Your Clients and Sphere About COVID-19”

Tech Crunch: “Even in the age of Covid-19, you need to stay focused on the customer”

How to keep your business running

CDC: “Resources for Businesses and Employers”

Motley Fool: “Open House Precautions to Take During the Covid-19 Outbreak”

Inman:  “How to keep your business moving as the situation shifts”

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