Listings are pointless if buyers don’t see them, so putting in the effort to get them out there is essential for real estate agents. Luckily, there are many effective ways to spread the word about your listing and brand to drum up interest. 

Let’s close that deal: Here are five ways to get 500 new eyeballs on your listing:

1. Run a Facebook ad for it.

Organic social posting is a start, but in order to get sizable traffic fast, running a Facebook ad boosts your reach significantly. Facebook makes its money through its advertisers, meaning it prioritizes paid content. No matter how optimized your organic content is, paid content will always triumph. 

Luckily, Facebook’s sophisticated algorithms allow you to target your ads at a granular level, making sure you reach relevant prospects and don’t waste time or money.

There are a number of ways to promote your content over Facebook: Photo ads, video ads, dynamic ads, lead form ads and more. All of these allow you to include a link to take people to your page or listing, alongside a visual, whose style will depend on the ad type. 

Facebook ads are an absolutely essential tool in your marketing inventory. All of your competitors are doing it, and you should, too.

2. Run an Instagram Story ad for it.

Instagram has become a great venue for real estate ads, and it’s perfect for listings. A home’s appearance is often a make-or-break point in the buying process, so it’s important prospects see it early on. 

Instagram Story ads, for example, allow you to showcase your listing to the 70 percent of Instagram’s 1.1 billion monthly active users who watch Instagram Stories every single day. Instagram’s large user base is known for its high engagement rate, and the ability to link to listings in your ads is a huge draw.


3. Focus on SEO.

Search engine optimization is key to driving traffic toward your site and any content you have. There are a number of steps to include to make your listing more Google-friendly. Conduct some research on what keywords people search on Google that are relevant to your listing, and sprinkle those phrases into your listing’s text. 

Look for keywords that are between two and five words, so they’re specific enough for you to beat out those paying lots for Google ads. Think about what your prospects would be searching. Don’t forget to put your chosen keyword, something like “2-bedroom condo in Providence,” in your headline. 

4. Host an open house and promote it online.

Hosting an open house is a great way to get people involved, sometimes people who don’t know they’re interested until they see a place in person. Putting signs up around the neighborhood is useful, but advertising open houses online is an equally important way to draw attention to listings you have. 

Advertising on Waze, for example, lets you target drivers who are in the area, making it decidedly efficient. Open houses also make good ad fodder because even if someone can’t attend them, they still see the listing and can reach out.

5. Content marketing.

The basic premise here is to use content (writing, videos, etc.) to drive traffic to your site. Having a blog is useful and popular way to content market: It allows you to establish your credibility, draw traffic to your website and increase the strength of your brand. Advertising or simply placing your listing within a blog post, for example, is a great way to get eyes from people already interested in what you have to say.

It’s also a perfect way to indirectly get users to click on listings you have. 

Consider Google My Business posts, too, as a form of content marketing. Google business profiles help you show up when people search for you — or real estate agents near their location. When you post photos or listings or blogs within your profile, searchers notice. And since you’re able to link to a page of your own within your posts, listings are a great option.

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