What do you do when you first get a lead? Sit on it for a day? Call immediately? Hope they reach out to you?

Studies have proven that the faster you reach out to your leads, the more likely it is they’ll become clients. That’s a big part of why texting is the best method for immediately following up with leads. 


Each method of reaching out to leads — calling, emailing, texting, yelling into the abyss — has its pros and cons. Calling is great, but you may be busy when your prospect reaches out. Perhaps you’re meeting with a client or spending time with your kids. Calling requires a level of presence that’s hard to maintain. 

Emailing may seem professional, but it doesn’t build rapport in the reaching out process. It’s also almost always going to be slower than texting or calling. 

Texting, meanwhile, is truly the perfect medium between calling and emailing. 

Why you should text your leads:

Texting is instant. You can do it from anywhere, unlike a call, and people check their texts more often than they check their emails. This makes texting personal and direct — people are on their phones all the time. 

Emailing comes with an ambiguous, oft-resented etiquette that’s rarely actually necessary, whereas texting allows you to talk 1-to-1 with your clients as normal people and get business done more efficiently. It’s a simple text, not a telemarketing scam.

Remember: Your goal when reaching out to leads is to convey how trustworthy and responsive you are. If you fail to do this, you’ll struggle to nurture your leads successfully. Texting is the perfect way to do this, while saving yourself time and effort in the process.

Also: Texting doesn’t have to be you. The initial text to leads varies only a little bit, if at all. This means that you don’t even have to the one doing it. Scripting or automating your texting is a great way to save time and effort, while also ensuring you’re reaching out to your clients instantly, no matter the time of day. 

What to include in your initial text:

  • A greeting of some sort
  • An introduction of who you are
  • Where you got their information
  • A question or anything that will give them a reason to reply
    • Make the question easy to answer to get people to reply quickly. If you make it too convoluted or difficult, it can deter people from replying or encourage them to simply put it off or forget about it
    • Asking if they’re interested in going further with the home-buying process is a great way to expedite the next steps. If they are, suggest making an appointment
  • An emoji if it’s applicable

Sample text:

Hi, [name], this is [name] from [agency]! I see you’re interested in [address]. Are you looking to move soon?

What you should not include in your initial text:

  • A massive paragraph will all of the information your lead could possibly need to buy or sell a home
    • The shorter the text, the more likely they’ll reply — save the longer explanations for in-person meetings or calls  
  • A link with no explanation
  • Complicated information that could confuse a prospect
    • Read your text over before you send it and make sure the ball is in your lead’s court
  • A signature with your name
    • This overformalizes the process of a text. Include some sort of question instead and put your name in the introduction
  • Unrelated promotions
  • Documents

Vibes you should strive for:

  • Friendly
  • Approachable
  • Knowledgeable
  • Responsive
  • Tech-savvy

Should I automate my texting?

Yes, at least initially in the lead-nurturing process. You have to be personable, friendly and professional and you must give them a reason to respond, but you’re not always able to reply right away. When you automate your texting, you can reply instantly, no matter where you actually are. This is absolutely massive, because if you’re waiting more than five minutes to reach out to leads, you’re going to lose them. 

There are formulae that work regarding automation, and the more you can outsource the crucial first few minutes of your lead-nurturing, the more successful you’ll be at converting those leads. 

If a lead reaches out to you, reply ASAP via text. It’s way better to say you’ll get back to them soon than to reach out only later.

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