Think about all the time and effort it takes you to brainstorm ad ideas, create the graphics and ad copy, launch the ads, etc. You’re a real estate agent, and your time is best spent with clients — not poring over Facebook ads manager or researching Google keywords.

That’s where marketing automation can transform your business. It may sound expensive, but it’s actually incredibly worthwhile from a financial point of view. 

Here are a few reasons to consider automating your marketing. 

1. You’ll save a ton of time

Pretty simple, really: You save a LOT of time by not having to worry about creating ads from scratch on your own. Between deliberating over your ad’s copy, images, videos and other considerations to gathering the information you need to actually posting the ad, the process can take you easily upwards of 20 minutes per ad. And if you’re posting multiple ads a week, this can take hours out of your day.

If you automate your marketing, you could have an ad up and running every time you have a listing, make a sale or at a certain time of day without having to be present. Save time and remain relevant — two rules to live by in real estate.

2.  You can focus your energy on what you’re best at

You’re a real estate agent. You’re good at closing deals, talking to people and building relationships. These are skills that only you can do, and these are skills that can’t be outsourced. You are the person to nurture and convert leads, but you don’t need to be the person generating them. 

By outsourcing your marketing — something that can be handled by someone else who’s an expert in the field — you have more time and energy to grow your business in other, very important ways. You are also likely leaving your marketing to someone with more skill and expertise in that area, which is huge for your brand.

3. You can set it and forget it 

Want a day off? Your digital presence will suffer if you’re controlling everything by hand. With automated ads, you don’t have to worry about being there — your ads will run and generate leads on their own. And they’ll be more polished than the ads you’d come up with yourself. That’s not to discredit your marketing prowess: Putting your marketing in the hands of professionals gives you access to tools, strategies, resources, design materials and ad testing that you simply won’t have unless you’re a professional marketer. 

Marketers’ ad testing, in particular, is a great time-saver because it allows you to bypass an especially long and attention-requiring step. By automating your marketing, you’re giving it to people who have already done the testing and can optimize your ads to success. They have done the work behind the scenes to make sure your ad money goes as far as it can go.

4. You’ll reduce room for error

When you run your own ads, there’s always a chance you could mess something up — be it a spelling error, entering the wrong address or any other typo or mistake. You might not even have time to launch the ads. When you automate your marketing, though, you can sit back and enjoy your clean, mistake-free advertising that runs right on cue. 

Say you want to run an ad every time you’re selling a house. This is a great example of an advertisement that’s much better served by automation than manual inputting. The human element is great for the transaction but it’s not necessary to the nuts of bolts of a listing ad. 

5. You can reach out to leads faster

When outsourcing your marketing, you should also ask about immediate lead follow-ups. Many companies and consultants have the tools to instantly respond when someone shows interest in your listing or in you as an agent. This ensures that leads who fill out a lead form will receive a text or email “from you” instantly. The faster you react, the better, so this is huge. Many sources agree that it’s imperative to reply within five minutes.

Personally starting conversations with leads, sending emails out, building ads and writing Facebook posts take time, but you’re better off automating it. This ensures your marketing dollars are being spent efficiently, that you’re creating multiple touchpoints on a consistent basis, and it’ll make you more money in the end.

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