Normally, it’s around this time each year we’d publish our spring tips in anticipation of the real estate season picking back up.  Obviously, things have changed as a result of COVID-19.

Eventually, though, this will end, and the possibility of more volume coming in all at once is very real.  So, while business is slow, agents would be wise to use the downtime to bolster their business. And one such way is to host an optimized, deliberately designed website that gets you leads.

To be clear, we’re not talking about simply hosting a website. That’s easy. Anyone can HAVE a website–you just need to pay the hosting fees, create the designs and regularly maintain it. Using strategy and careful planning to turn that website into a tool that can get actual conversions, well, that’s much tricker. Even if you think your website looks good, odds are there are tactics you can employ and widgets you can add that’ll boost your bottom line. 

So here are five best practices you can use to get the most out of your client-facing website.

Use lead-gen forms!

The absolute last thing you want is an interested prospect closing out of your site because you failed to capitalize on their interest or couldn’t guide them into your CRM quickly or easily enough. If you can’t get actual contact details of your site visitors, you’re losing out on lots of opportunities to retarget and nurture them in the future.

By adding some sort of lead form, you can ensure that a visitor becomes a lead. Simply offer consumers some sort of incentive to put their information into a form on your site — perhaps you offer a weekly newsletter, neighborhood guide or a customized home valuation. Whatever it is, make sure it’s easily findable and requires site visitors to enter their information in order to receive it. Remember, though, that it’s not just a form grab — you need to offer your visitors something they’ll actually want in exchange for their info. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship.

Make sure it’s branded to you

Sounds simple, right? Surprisingly, this is a hugely common pitfall for a lot of real estate agents. Here are a couple of things that should be INCREDIBLY apparent for visitors upon opening your website:

  • Your headshot. Don’t even dream about not including one! The higher-quality, the better.
  • Your contact information. 
  • Your brokerages design and brand, if applicable. 
  • Some sort of call to action, like directions to your lead form or an easy way to get in touch — perhaps a pre-populated one-click messaging form. 

There should be no doubt whose site it is.

Keep. It. Simple. 

You may think that keeping up with the times requires some otherworldly, high-tech website with frills and thrills.The highest-performing websites, though, are very simple, at least in appearance. That doesn’t mean they’re not high-tech, but they’re clever and deliberate in their distribution of buttons and visuals. 

Take a look at this wonderful website:


Heidi’s site is fantastic for many reasons. The opener is clean, uses visuals well, includes links to her social media channels, and doesn’t overwhelm you with too many things to focus on. While she could have included her headshot higher up, she includes a big section about who she and her team are if you scroll down a bit.


Our favorite part, though?

Heidi offers a home value estimate. All you have to do is enter in all your information. You get useful info and she gets you into her CRM. Basic symbiosis.

Make sure your images, gifs, and videos are high-quality. 

It’s important to not only include visuals, but to make sure they’re high-quality too. If that means hiring a photographer, do it. Your goal is to show people you’re professional and able to market yourself — this is not the place to phone it in. 

Make your website mobile-friendly.

Do NOT sidestep this one. Over half of all internet traffic in the U.S. comes from mobile devices,  and that’s expected to grow to nearly 75% over the next five years. 

Mobile functionality is a key part of having a strong, convincing internet presence, and it’s a huge link in the chain of getting leads from your site.

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