If you haven’t heard by now, Google My Business profiles are taking over the real estate world. If you’re an agent who doesn’t have their mark stamped onto the front pages of the world’s preeminent search engine, you’ll fall behind your competitors.

But don’t worry! You can still make the most of it. Here are10 things you can do to ensure your Google My Business is optimized.

1. Get a Google My Business profile.

Claiming your business is the first step on the road to hyperlocal success. Make sure you let Google display your information publicly, by selecting the box enables algorithms to crawl your site. Additionally, you’ll need to verify your address. Without a verified address, your business won’t show up in Google Search or on Maps. 

Follow the instructions on the website, and make sure the address you’re inputting is the venue in which you spend most of your working hours; this address will be visible to prospects, so convey your operating area. 

2. Input your phone number.

Make sure this is a phone you use a lot. You want leads to be able to reach you, and you need to be able to reply quickly. Google My Business makes it super easy for prospects to click on your number right from the SERPs, so a call is always just one click away.

3. Write a business description. 

Many Google business profile owners shrug this step off, but it’s a great way to boost your Google ranking and let your prospects know what you’re all about. Have fun with it and show what you’re about, be it your quirky personality or explanatory information like the neighborhoods you operate in. Prospective clients should be able to walk away understanding what kind of real estate agent you are. 

4. Input your website.

Google My Business is the perfect place to advertise your website. Just one click can take users to a URL of your choosing. If you don’t have a website (get on that if not), you can create one through Google My Business, which does all the hard parts for you and makes you a simple, modern site with your branding.

5. Solicit reviews.

Reviews are the heart of your Google business profile. Without them, you lose credibility. So asking your past clients to review your profile is an essential part of the process. Your Google ranking will rise if your reviews are recent, positive and large in number. 

6. Reply to reviews — especially negative ones.

You certainly don’t need to reply to every single review you get, but reaching out to a client whose words weren’t all positive can go a long way for your brand. We’re all familiar with the one-off negative reviewer whose criticisms are confusing or misguided — don’t lash out. Make sure to handle every bit of feedback with professionalism and poise.

As for the positive reviews, referring to them by name and thanking them for such positive interactions can show prospects what they could have if they hire you as an agent.

7. Insert images.

Having a nice headshot of yourself is a great way to immediately elicit trust. Images are also useful in catching searchers’ eyes.

8. Post. At least once a week.

Posts expire after seven days, so make sure you’re doing it weekly. For the uninitiated, posts are just what they sound like: little combinations of text and image. They show up at the bottom of your Google business profile, but they’re incredibly useful for three reasons:

  1. They boost your Google ranking. 
  2. Images can attract attention and drive traffic very easily.
  3. They’re a fantastic medium through which you can showcase your personality/what type of real estate agent you are while also disseminating useful information.
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