Real estate agents have lots to do throughout the day: close deals, talk to clients and leads, run open houses and build relationships. For many agents, marketing is an afterthought — after all, you’re a real estate agent first and foremost, not a marketer. 

That’s where automation comes into play. Automation is a means of making your marketing run based on a preset schedule or automated triggers. It’s especially useful for repetitive tasks, so you don’t have to do everything by hand in real time.

Automatic? Isn’t there a required human element to marketing, like when creating ads?

That’s what you’d think, but there isn’t. More often than not, having a person input an address, name or anything else can introduce accidental inaccuracy. Think about how easy it would be to misspell a name that’s spelled differently than you’re used to, or accidentally slip up on typing.

Automation mechanizes that process so you never have to worry about mistakes. But automation is popular for more than just mistake prevention — it allows you to instantly put relevant marketing materials out in the world without costing a minute of your time.

How does automation work?

Automation lets you tell the marketers or tools you’re working with when to put content into the world. For example, you’re able to say you want to run an ad every time you have a new listing. If you didn’t automate this process and wanted to run an ad immediately after a listing when live, you’d have to: drop everything; open up the computer or get on your phone; and waste precious time writing ad copy, uploading images, and building an ad when you could be spending time with clients. With automation, you can post error-free, optimized ads in your sleep.

Marketing automation is great for social media postings, email marketing, ad campaigns, lead nurturing and more. For real estate agents, it can be a super useful way of accessing your clients right after they take an action or right when you have something timely to share. When you automate your marketing, you should be thinking of the larger picture and how you can create a campaign that makes sense for you; automation isn’t just throwing spaghetti at the wall.

Good, effective automation revolves around the client and their needs.

What exactly can marketing automation do for me?

As a real estate agent, you have tons of digital marketing that you should be doing every day. Marketing automation can facilitate that process in a major way by posting on Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business. It can run ads for you on Google. 

We recommend running ads not only for every listing you have and sale you’ve completed but about your brand as a real estate agent, too. The more people have seen your face, the more likely they are to turn to you when they need an agent. 

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