When you think of advertising, your mind may not jump to Waze. Even though consumers are primarily using it as a navigation app, it can double as a savvy way to geotarget your advertising. Waze’s hyperlocal ads render it the perfect medium for real estate agents like you to get meaningful exposure in the area of your choosing. 

Here are five tips on branding yourself on Waze:

1. Pick a meaningful location

Waze calls its ad platform the mobile alternative to billboards, and billboards are all about location. If you’re selling a house in Wicker Park, advertise in Wicker Park. The whole point of advertising on Waze is accessing people who are actually driving or walking through a particular area where you have an active listing or generally do business.

Waze has 100 million monthly active users, so you’ll likely get a fair amount of visibility no matter where you advertise, but setting yourself up regionally is a great way to foster long-term success.

2. Create an ad for every open house you have

Open houses are absolutely perfect for Waze ads. If you use Waze for only one thing, choose this. Unlike on Facebook, Google or any other ad service, on Waze, ads can direct drivers to a physical location in real time. It’s a unique form of advertising that targets prospects near your business — people who are already on the road. Open houses are great for potential clients since they can attract people in any step of the buying process.

3. Keep it clean

You’re appealing to drivers; they won’t have time to read the fine print. Make sure the pictures you include are high-quality and in line with Waze’s advertising guidelines (Waze recommends high-quality PNG files over JPGs).You really don’t want to make the pictures too complicated or the text too wordy. Also, write a concise and CLEAR description. You don’t want to alienate potential consumers by confusing them with extra verbiage or giving them a hazy understanding of what you do. 

DELETE: Unnecessary punctuation, extra spaces, superfluous words, frills, most text in your images

MAKE SURE YOU INCLUDE: Inviting language, that you’re a real estate agent, a well-proportioned icon, striking colors, a CTA

4. Experiment

It’s important to figure out what works best for your business, and you can’t do that without experimenting. Do you have a seasonal offer? Try putting that in your description. Things not going as well as you’d hoped? Try simplifying your text and changing your logo. Waze lets you track your progress in real-time, so you can edit your content and observe as you please.

Source: https://support.google.com/wazeforbrands/answer/9333074?hl=en

5. Find your comparative advantage and flaunt it

This is especially important in areas with lots of agents, but you always want to be thinking about how you can stay ahead of your competition. Having a presence on Waze is a great start, but include something others don’t have in your description. Maybe your open house has free food or drinks.Maybe you’re the top agent in your city. Whatever it is, it’s a good way of staying ahead. The more trustworthy and well-known you seem, the more potential clients will come to you when they need to buy or sell a home. 

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